Rent our place

Situated in the heart of Brussels and bathed in natural light, our gallery is a unique setting where creativity meets elegance and historical heritage. We have two galleries and thanks to the diversity of our spaces, we can accommodate a range of events from intimate gatherings to standing events for up to 150 people. 

Our flexible layout and multi-level break-out option with all the facilities you need to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Surrounded by the artwork of our professionally curated exhibitions, any event organised at Portraits International will be memorable.  You can also rent our space as a pop-up venue for your own exhibition. 

Half day or evening per gallery: 750€

Two half days or half-day plus evening per gallery: 1250€

Full day and evening per gallery: 1750€


Supplementary services:


  • Inspirational speakers

Inspirational speakers can liven up your event. Their topics include EU lobbying, education strategy, philosophy of art, creative thinking, personal development, sustainability, non-verbal communication and presentation skills. Content will be tailored to the needs of your company.

       90-minute session with questions & answers: 750€      

  • Session moderators

Experienced moderators can guide your session towards positive operational conclusions, tailored to the needs of your company. You may choose the focus of the session, for instance team building, strategy development, branding or societal outreach.


Half day or evening: 750€            
Two half days or half-day plus evening: 1250€               

Full day and evening: 1750€


Our inspirational speakers and session moderators are high-level experts with decades of professional  experience, drawing on the Portraits International  global network. The team includes Mavi Calabrese (gender equity and sustainability), Claire Soper (executive image, personal development, empowerment), Peter van der Hijden (educational strategist) as well as Willem Wolters (public affairs)