“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary” 

– Pablo Picasso

What are « Portrait Parties » about? 

« Learn to draw a portrait in a fast, fun and in an essential way. »

« It’s not what you look at that’s important, it’s what you see. »

Rapidly develop how to enhance hand-eye coordination by drawing a portrait in a couple minutes surrounded by the exhibition “Sixty Seconds” by Jérôme De Perlinghi.
It’s a challenge, it’s fun and it’s a skill to take away.

Anyone of any age can learn to draw. It’s about how to look and interpret what you see. It’s total freedom. You just need something that makes a mark and a surface to put it on. Once you have the skill you can draw anything anytime anywhere with anything!

Drawing and sketching have been connected with improved creativity, memory and stress relief. If you are interested in brain health, now you have an even better reason to draw. It is a communication skill and improving your ability to communicate, either with others or with yourself, will make your ideas more useful, help you structure your thinking, and improve your self-confidence.

Find inspiration in the over 100 portraits of famous personalities on show in the current exhibition at the gallery or bring your own photo to learn how to draw yourself, friend or loved one. 

This atelier will give you the essential tips and the freedom to develop them. The first step on a joyful journey into the world of seeing and appreciating life through the eyes of an artist. 

Enjoy connecting with others through art and sharing an “apéro” together if you take the class in the evening. 

What you need to bring:

Nothing but a desire to learn to draw in a sociable way and a photo to draw from if you prefer not to learn from one of the portraits in the current exhibition. 

About the artist:

Claire Soper, is an artist and gallery owner. She is English, from London but has been living in Belgium for the last 20 years. She is passionate about art and opened Portraits International Academy/Gallery in the beginning of the year. She has been drawing portraits all her life. In her own words as quoted on her website:

« Connecting souls through art ».
This is the mission statement that came to her at the end of a 5 day meditation programme:
« It felt right. I’ve been drawing all my life and like meeting people. I realised it’s what I’ve always loved doing and that I should do something with my passion. I’ve been drawing portraits, self-portraits in particular. It’s been my way to keep my skills up since leaving art school. I knew I had to keep practising. I can tell the difference when I’ve taken a break. One of the biggest challenges is to get a good likeness in a short time. When I was asked to draw portraits at an event, I knew I had to draw quickly so started practicing 1-2 minute one-liners. For such a quick drawing I scan the person’s face intently and don’t take my pen off the paper. I discovered that while drawing this way, I connected with the person on a different level, past my first impression.   Drawing a portrait, is a rewarding experience for both the sitter and myself. It takes us to a place of privilege when the connection is made even when drawing only briefly. It’s often inspiring and when energies are the same, it’s magical. Today I intend to find a way for more people to enjoy this experience through a love of drawing. » 

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40 Per 2 hour session
  • 2 hour portrait drawing workshop
  • Free refreshments
  • Live DJ on Friday nights
  • Time slots: 10:00-12:00/14:00-16h00/18:00-20:00